How we Deliver


We provide Business Process Improvements in two ways:
1. On-Site Support
2. Train your staff/people to Improve Business Processes.

1. On-site Support:
In this model, we send our people at your sites/offices.
Our Team will do the following:
a. Map your Current Core Business Processes.
b. Identify delays and wastage of the Process which can be reduced.
c. Remove unnecessary/low value steps of the Process.
d. Design/Draw New Business Processes.
e. Advise and help your staff and people for doing the Improved Business Process.
f. Measure the Change and Improvement and list down Challenges while executing the new Process.

2. Train your staff to Improve Business Processes.

In this model you decide on a Person whom we call the Lead Implementer.
Our team will do the following:
a. Interact with the Lead Implementer.
b. Train the Lead Implementer to:
i. Understand the basics of Process Improvement.
ii. S/he will map the current business Processes.
iii. S/he will help your staff with new Business Process and in implementing change.
iv. S/he will report measurement /Metrics of the Project.


The Business has now become Process Driven and works like a clock –most of the time.
Now, You – the Business Owner can choose:
1. To Scale Up Your Business by increasing Sales, diversifying into new areas [Become an Entrepreneur Again! ]
2. To let the business run smoothly on the Processes. Keep an eye on the Management of Processes based on the changes in external environment.
3. To exit the Business by selling it to a Larger company and enjoy the fruits of your past efforts.

To know more simple drop an email to bpi[at] and we will get back to you!