Setting a Process for Business Growth?

The basic questions to ask before setting up a Process when Business is scaling up or wants to grow are:

Why are we setting up the Process? e.g. To Improve Customer Service.

How will we know we have achieved the desired result?
We may take a Customer survey to measure satisfaction.
We monitor sales and check if sales to existing Customers has increased.
Number of Referral Customers have increased.
and Finally we ask,

What is the gap between NOW and the FUTURE – what we want?
We list down that gaps between now and the future in all areas of Product, Process, People.
In this exercise – it helps a lot to have external people (people not currently involved in the process) do this exercise. This brings in a new perspective, and avoids Blind Spots of the people already involved in the Process.

Once we have the answers to these 3 basic questions, we can start building our new Processes to help grow the business.

Next Steps:
After setting up the Business Processes they have to be published to the team members. The team members – employees, vendors etc. have to be trained to use these processes.
The results of the process and behaviour of the people involved will be monitored to ensure the results are in line with our expectations.