Business Process Re-engineering and advantages

When any organisation/company starts working it defines its processes, systems, scheduling based on the Equipment it has, Personnel, Training given to Personnel and the Physical Organisation and Storage available.

However over a period of time there are minor/ major changes in the above parameters and the old processes which were efficient to being with – start becoming slow and inefficient.

It helps to revisit the Business Processes with an objective of:

  • Increasing productivity 
  • Reducing unnecessary time taken to perform activities 
  • Improving sales and Minimizing cost of selling 
  • Minimisation of activities which do not add value to your business and customers 
  • Strong reduction in the amount of dead / slow moving stock 
  • Reduction in inventory costs 
  • Standardisation of activities 
  • Promote Innovation and learning within all levels of the company

This is an exercise in Business Process Re-engineering.


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