Scaling up – Train Employees Quickly!

The most important component of a Business scaling up staff-trainingare the employees. For these employees to work efficiently in the Business they need to be trained. Training is making the employees understand how the business works and how their skills will be put to use.

The most common method of training employees when there is no formal training program is:

Experential Learning


1) Show how the work is done with common mistakes that occur and how to avoid them.
Keep doing it till they remember key actions and avoid key errors,

2) Do the tasks with them till then can start doing it themselves,
3) Watch them doing it and give feedback,
4) Watch till they can do it completely independently.

Another alternative is to provide them with documentation of the work process.
The documentation will consist of :

  1. Process Flow Diagram.
  2. Work Instructions for performing a task.
  3. Check Lists to ensure that work instructions are followed.
  4. Escalation Process Documents.

A third option is a combination of the above two Processes.
You can use a Learning Management System. Learning Management Systems

  1. The content will be in the form of videos of how work is done.
  2. Process flow diagrams will be explained using videos and voice overs.
  3. Tests to ensure that the learner / employee has understood the content of the training.

This saves a lot of time of the EXPERT and also enables the business to train more people at one time. In case the experts are at a different location, travel costs can also be saved.

This will also be useful while cross training of employees.
So when an employee in the Accounts Department is absent, a member from the Admin department can be trained to manage critical tasks in his/her absence, ensuring that Business does not stop in the Scaling Up Journey!

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  1. Dinesh Shenoy says:

    Kudos Vikas to your Excellent blog. need to see how to get Small and Medium Business (SMBs) to understand importance on the ‘PROCESS’ and get value addition for their business to grow further..

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