Scaling Up – Setting up Processes

Scaling Up Tool – Creating Processes:

If you find that most of the people are leaving their work place not achieving much but only fire fighting /solving same problems then Scaling up a Business is impossible.

When a small business is in its growth stage, everybody pitches in for any task and work gets done quickly. Usually this works well,  because all the people involved are physically in one location and communication happens either by overhearing conversations or seeing people in action.

When people are not in the same physical space the following challenges arise:

  1. Communication between team members is not instant and has to be done consciously.
  2. Exception handling [events not happening in the desired manner/order] by different people in their own ways creates more deviations.

To take care of daily actions of different team members not working in the same physical space a Process needs to be laid down.
What is a Process?
A definition of the tasks and the sequence of those tasks to be done to fulfill an Objective.
While laying down a Process, we need to look at:

  1. Practicality of the process:
    Whether all of the steps of the process can be practically executed.
    If the process expects a certain behaviour from outside people e.g. vendors, customers then this behaviour needs to be tested before laying down the process.
  2. Create ownership of the Process in Team members :
    Involving team members in the Process creation.
  3. Document the Process:
    Creating Flow charts of the Process.

    Process Documentation

    Process Document

  4. Testing, Monitoring and Evaluating results of the Process:
    Ensuring the Process is executable with least resistance using tools and technology. Results of the process are as per expectations. Indicators to know that the Processes are working should be easy to access by Process Owners.
  5. Manage and document exception handling:
    As exceptions arise while executing, document the exceptions and new processes deviations/modifications.
  6. Train the team members involved in the process:
    Ensuring that the mix of people, process, tools is working with least resistance.
  7. Monitor Process and mentor people till it becomes a part of the behaviour.

If processes are laid down and all existing team members and new team members are made aware and trained to behave according to the Process, scaling up becomes easier.

Keeping to Chance

Because nothing that happens regularly –  is left to chance and you don’t have to keep your fingers crossed.

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