Microsoft Outlook keeps asking for password

Incident: Microsoft outlook keeps asking for password.

Thought Process:
First isolate the Problem area.
Is this the result of a Change? First find out if anything has changed.
What are the possible areas:

  1. User area – forgotten password, changed some settings.
  2. Network settings – Firewall, Anti-virus blocking.
  3. Email Server area – server not working, change at server end – but then it should affect multiple users.
  4. Desktop Software- Outlook settings changed, virus, malware etc.

1st time so if something has changed – study the change and see if the problem has occurred because of this.
Possible Questions:

Is there a change password policy enforced? Did the user get an email to change password? For example some email servers specified in the password has to be changed after 90 days. It’s the password has not been changed then the old password becomes invalid. In such case is the password has to be reset.

However if it is not a change management problem then it is a technical problem.
In such a case you first have to see if the user is able to log in to webmail using the same username password. If not working then the user has forgotten his password.
It is better to reset the password in such cases.
1. Can you ping the Email pop3 server? If not then check why?
2. If yes, then You can check login using telnet if the port 110 is open and communication is happening.
See command below. Telnet to be run from command prompt.

telnet 110 [ replace with your POP3 Server]

If your server is online a connection will be established on port 110 (POP3). An Exchange Server answers with the following output:

+OK Microsoft Exchange 2000 POP3 server version 6.0.6249.0 ( ready.

Use the following commands for authentication and listing the messages:

USER Domain/Windows-NT-Account/Exchange-Mailbox
PASS <password>
+OK User successfully logged on.
1 6855
2 1483
3 1056
4 1841
5 2037
If telnet command does not work, then something is wrong with networking so you have to check for firewall or any other software which is blocking email. For example quick heal may block the email client or check with Network administrator if anything has changed in the firewall.

If telnet is working, then there is a problem with microsoft outlook or the email client. Find the shortest way to resolve by resetting the password and try again.

Using SCANPST.EXE to repair a PST file.

Finally in the remote case find out if it a PST corruption problem. Use scanpst and repair the PST file. Normally it is advised to copy the corrupt PST file on a spare/fast PC and repair it.
Scanpst.exe is hidden in an odd location e.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15 and cannot execute directly. So use Windows Search, locate the file and then run it.

To prevent large PST file – use auto archiving function in Outlook.

Skills required.
To know how to use the webmail interface of the client email-id.
To know how to use a telnet using port 110.
Knowledge of configuration of outlook.
Basic knowledge of Networking
Anti virus configuration e.g. Symantec, Quick Heal etc.

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