Increase Effectiveness by Having Clear Job Definition.

One of the Primary Reasons why employees turn out to be Bad Hires – is Lack of Clear Job definition.

Why Small and Growing Organizations do not have clear Job Definitions?
You, as the Entrepreneur – fear that when you create a clear Job Definition, the employee will not do any work outside his job definition. This may cause unforeseen problems to your enterprise.
So most of the times, job definition means “Whatever is required to get the Job Done”.
This works well when your team is small, but as soon as business starts growing, it starts creating problems among employees.

What problems are created if clear Job Definitions do not exist?
Let’s assume Mr. Suraj was handling everything in your enterprise. You find that giving proposals is taking too much of Suraj’s time. So you decide to hire Mr. Pramod to make proposals without a clear job definition. Pramod makes a mistake, Suraj corrects the mistake and reports it to you every time. Since mistakes get highlighted, Pramod decides to lie low and let Suraj do most of the job. You can imagine the mess created, you have increased your team size and work done is reducing, plus you have to manage problems between Pramod and Suraj.

How to have clear Job Definitions?
How will a successful employee’s behavior look?
What are the Steps to arrive at how a Successful Employee’s behavior will look?

  • Define Key Processes of Your Business:
    To find out how an employees’s success will look, you need to start with defining the key Processes in your company.
    ACTION TIP: If you are confused, where to start, begin with Customer oriented Processes – so that you can get quick visible results. If you work on these, then Customers will start getting positive experiences. (Good for you and your team J).
    For each process decide on the person who will do the task.
  • Create Flow Diagrams as a Visual Aid:
    Create a Process Flow Diagram for each process. You can use Swim Lane diagrams when your processes have multiple people working on a Business Process.

    Why Swim Lanes?SampleSwimLane
    Sample Swim Lane for Recruitment Process  [Click on Image to get Full View]Swimlane Diagrams visualize actions performed by a specific person, teams, departments, or actions connected to a special location.  They make it possible to specify role of an executor and thus document responsibilities in a more accurate manner. They allow you to see not only flow of some process but also moments when responsibilities are transmitted from one process participant to another.  They help eliminate incidents where loss of information, delays, mistakes or cheating are most likely to occur.
    [If you need assistance in this activity, we can help. Click here to Contact us]
  • Describe each Step/Task of the Process and create a RACI matrix:
    For each process step mention:

    • Detailed description of the Step. For each step who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed.
    • Is there a checklist OR a checklist item to be ticked to ensure that the step or the set of steps is done correctly? Please add the checklist.
    • Are there any notifications to be sent to Customers/ other employees?
    • Do you need to send Reports for informing customers, so that Customer calls are reduced? Keeping customers informed is the best way to have happy customers. More Happy Customers = More Sales = More Profits.
    • Exception Handling.
      What should the person responsible do if the step cannot be completed?
      How does s/he report exceptions?
      Exceptions are incidents where the person cannot do the job successfully.

      Sample RACI Matrix

      Sample RACI Matrix

  • Describe a Successful Task of the Process:
    How does a Successful task look like?
    How do people involved with the task feel after it is done successfully?
    Write down how success will look like for each task. An Example is given below:TaskSuccessExample
  • List down all the Tasks and how each successful task gets done.
    Mention the technical skills and Interpersonal/ Soft Skills required for doing these tasks. [Note: You will be using this same information to create questions to be asked during interviews for selecting candidates. In case you cannot get candidates with these skills, this information can help you to create a Training Module to impart and test the skills not present.]
  • Complete all Major Process of your Enterprise:
    [use the 20/80 rule – 20% of your Processes give 80% results]:

    Complete all major Processes in your company.
    [Action TIP: Finish this in a day. Take time off from Office, assemble your core team and keep email and all cellphones OFF. If you still face challenges contact us  and we will assist you]
  • Multiple Roles for a Person OR Many People doing one Role:
    [If many people are doing one role, the role description has to be crystal clear]

Depending on the Current size and operations of your company, two or more roles may be performed by one person OR one role can be done by many persons.

  • For example, if your business generates one High Value Invoice per day, then making Invoices may not take up the full day. So the person performing the role of the Telephone Executive can also perform role of Sales Invoices Maker.
  • On the other hand, if you own a call center there will be multiple persons performing the role of a Customer Care executive.
  • Discuss how success will look with each of your team members:
    Sit with each of your team members and tell her/him if s/he has to execute multiple roles. Tell them that these are not carved in stone and will undergo change if Success is not achieved. Also discuss that with growth the roles may change.
  • Discuss Inclusive growth with your team members:
    Prepare a growth blueprint for your company and plan for each employee’s growth with yours.
    Think Inclusive growth – how the employee will grow with the Company.

Does this seem too challenging a task for you?

Click here to get in touch with us, we are here to help!

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