Improving Business Performance using Systems

Juggling multiple Processes

Juggling multiple Processes

All businesses consist of multiple business processes.

In the beginning stages, the entrepreneur him/her self manages all the processes.

However with growth managing these highly dependent business processes becomes a challenge.

At such times it is important that the Business Processes get systemised –to improve and easily Manage Business Processes. [Business Process Improvement]

Systems in an organisation can take the form of:

  1. Procedures followed by people in the Processes.
    The Procedure will contain a Process Flow diagram. This will be shared with all the people involved in the Process. For larger processes – a swim lane diagram can be shown to each department/team involved.
  2. Work Instructions for all people involved in the Process/Procedure.
    This is the How to that each person/team will be handed over. This will include exception handling procedures – i.e. what to do when an activity cannot be completed.
  3. Checklists used by People to ensure there are no slippages.
    A Checklist will contain items to check before the activity is considered complete. For example the Packaging department may have a checklist containing items related to the Product, Manuals, Type of Packing, Sticking of Address label – to ensure that errors/mistakes are trapped before sending the package out.

    We are what we repeatedly do.

    We are what we repeatedly do.

  4. Automation/I.T/ Software to reduce people effort and duplicity of work.

Finally it is the actions taken on an everyday basis by following daily checklist/ activity lists which will produce results.

So when Actions get done on a Daily Basis – Business Processes Improve.

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